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A week of Surprises and Disappointments!

Hello folks,

It has been quite a week for us all. First, we were hit with the sad news of the demise of one of the most respected and loved president's of all time. Then, the controversial hanging of a criminal happened and that, while it left many applauding the judiciary system, also left several of us foaming at the mouth. It sparked anew the debate around the death sentence and the ethical problems involved in meting out this rather harsh punishment. As if this wasn't enough to ruffle feathers, the government then goes ahead and places a blanket ban on several porn websites. All we can say is that there is something called freedom of choice and it should exist in a country that is supposedly democratic. The increasing number of bans is steadily becoming an unsettling phenomenon in a country that has always stood for tolerance, acceptance and a 'live and let live' philosophy. Well, we hope this trend comes to an abrupt halt and citizens are once again allowed to exercise their own judgments when it comes to making choices.

And now, to lighten things up, here is a kick ass video by the dangerously funny AIB guys (dangerous because you can actually split your sides laughing at their jokes) about, as they put it, 'Every party song.' Do watch it if you haven't already.

Next, for some NSPA news; We are on a hiring spree again and this time we're on the lookout for western artists and theatre groups. So, if you hsappen to be a musician/actor yourself and are eager to get a chance to perform at public venues (along the lines of busking) do step in for these auditions. If you happen to know anyone who would be interested, please spread the word. NSPA Auditions

Also, (apart from our regular performances) we conducted a fun art literacy session with special kids in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar school. Eager to know how the session went? Read on to find out! Their 'specialness' made us look at learning differently.

Now, for some videos from the past week!

Contemporary Folk Fusion inside the Mumbai Metro

Vipin Hero and K.K. Singh perform Kabir Cafe's 'Halke Gaadi Hako' for Metro commuters.

Art Literacy at Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Municipal School

Manoj Sharma and Manoj Pandya take Art Literacy workshop at Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Municipal School for special children.

Well, that's all for now folks. We'll be back next week with more news and video, Till them, hum your worries away, and let good music make your day!

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