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The National Streets for Performing Arts is an initiative to take Art to the People by reclaiming public spaces for street performances.

NSPA seeks to champion public spaces as an alternative platform for performance, encouraging greater interaction between artists and the community, creating spaces of cultural interaction and energising the very city and its people. NSPA aims to support the livelihoods of less privileged and independent performers across diverse genres.

NSPA begins its collaboration with the Western Railways, Mumbai Division to stage performances at three stations across the Mumbai rail network namely Churchgate, Bandra and Borivali.

NSPA has been initiated under the aegis of HelpYourNGO.com India Private Limited.

NSPA has evolved out of the vision of our founder Ajit Dayal, best known as the founder of Equitymaster, Personal FN and Quantum Mutual Fund.

Recalling his childhood days of watching street performers in Mumbai city and noting how street performers continue to brighten the lives of residents of cities like London and Paris, Ajit wished to "rekindle an atmosphere of street performances in urban India (starting with Mumbai) that aims to bring some joy to the lives of millions as they go about their daily commute".

Art for All

Public spaces are accessible, inclusive and secular platforms in the urban landscape. They provide the Arts a direct interface with people facilitating an open and stimulating interaction, creating a space of fulfilment and abandon, allowing one to stand still in time watching an art unfold from its cocoon. It not only takes Art directly to the people, exposing them to different art forms, it also expands the horizons of the artists' visibility and appreciation. The need of the hour is to reclaim these public spaces for Art, for artists and for audiences, where each interprets the space as they desire.

Weaving Performing Arts into the daily life of a city rejuvenates it, adding to its overall vibrancy and energy. A weary commuter and lone artist greet each other at this crossroad, turning the street space into an eclectic and pulsating arena of synergy.

All for Artists

The laborious process of creating and presenting one's Art requires constant reception and reaction from the community the artist functions in. While a wide majority of artists are likely to pursue their Art alongside a more viable source of income through a 'stable job', a wide variety of independent musicians consciously remain outside the domain of mainstream music production and popular access. NSPA, as a non-profit initiative, seeks to support the livelihoods of less privileged and independent musicians on behalf of the community. Performers with NSPA will receive a fixed remuneration for their performances and a public platform that breaks down barriers between artists and the community.

In a globalised world, a long gestation period of training for artists coupled with paucity of time amongst audiences has pushed indigenous art forms onto the fringes and some even out of existence. NSPA hopes to seek out, support and promote artists pursuing dying, traditional and folk Arts and connecting them with new and eager audiences. The revivalist tone of NSPA hopes to see artists embracing their art and audiences embracing the artists. The dialogue ensuing from this initiative will ensure that a public place becomes a melting pot for the artist and his audience. These performances will see the sole of the commuter taps to the soul and rhythm of the artists.


National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA)
c/o HelpYourNGO.com India Private Limited
16, Jolly Maker Chambers-II,
225 Nariman Point,
Mumbai- 400 021

Phone (Off.):
+91-22-22041252 / 53

You can also contact our team -

Anisha George
Project Co-ordinator
+91 98201 71019
Shrishti Iyer
Performance Co-ordinator
+91 98204 20308

Today's Performances
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
Bandra Band Stand
5:30-6:30 pm Meryl & Tarang
6:30-7:30 pm Harjit & shailendra & Shashi Kant & Sumant
Marol Naka Metro Station
6:00-7:00 pm Love & Prince & Roshan
7:00-8:00 pm chanchal & Pratham
8:00-9:00 pm Ganpath Iyer

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Street Speak

I from small district Gondia. I listen Niraj Arya on 17th. very rocking. I invite you to my city
- Vivek Raut

Wish you people all the best and thank you for bringing music to common mumbaikar's life
- Avinash Singh

Love it !! Great finding some fresh music in the city. Maybe have it in a more open spot in the station so even more people can enjoy it 
- Sonaly Patel

It's something new. Want you to come to Vasai.
- Harsh Shah

NSPA u rock !!
- Ishaan S

Awesome job. The singing is superb and guitar was played superb as well
- Zaied Ahmed

In this busy life schedule I could take time off to listen to the performer. Hope this will bring forth also the poorer folks, that they would be given opportunities
- Anonymous

Fabulous. Appreciate it !!
- Aamir B

An opportunity to listen to good music.. Thanks
- Mayuri Mistry

Dear NSPA, Had an opportunity to listen to you guys in ACTREC lawn today. Great team and a wonderful evening. Cheers!
- Vaishali Aggarwal

I reached Vashi station tired and worn out from the days work, to see a crowd formed around a man, went to investigate, and I saw a man performing a song which sounded like Sufi music to me. His voice echoed through the granite corridors of the station and the merry strums of his guitar filled the air with melancholy. I stood there hearing his song about finding God in ones own belief, reminded me of Kabir ke Dohe which i had read when i was a kid.
- Satish Kumar

Really Gr8 job it should be national.
- Ashok Bhandari

Very nice. Wonderful concept.
- Padmavathi Thyagaraju

An initiative that our city needed ! Learned many varieties of genres through this.
- Karthik Chandramouli

It's peace away from chaos, should have put it out on the railway speakers. Amazing !!!
- Raj Solanki

Congratulations!! Great start NSPA!!!
- Ritika Afb

This is a best way to educate people or generate awareness for citizens.
- Sufiyan Qureshi

Very impressed by what you guys put up... Do let me know if something else interesting comes up... :)
- Abraham Mathews

Very nice! This is a good attempt !
- Vivek Jodi

Its too good. The artists are also just awesome. Completely refreshing.
- Saurabh Dasgupta

This is such a good activity and very helpful concept for society. Keep it up.
- Ranvirsingh Gohil

Nice !! Very very refreshing and brings back the place of joy within us.
- Joseph Anthony

It is a fantastic job. More popularity needs to be collected through increasing frequency or FB and all
- Shrushti Gohel

Very good job. Public gets exposure to good music. Also you guys play very well.
- Harsha Shah

It was a wonderful experience for me watching Rahul Pais sing and play music. Thanks for a wonderful effort by NSPA in putting up performances. I have never seen something like this at churchgate station.
- Venus John

I just wanted to let you know, what you are doing with live music at the railway stations is absolutely amazing. Several years ago I saw the new York symphony orchestra play in the new York subway and it changed me forever.Thank you for bringing back a little soul to Mumbai.
- Kanu Gupta

Peace, love one to anothe... Music brings peace to all. Thank you very much.
- Bernadette Rodrigues

Thanks to u and ur authentic orchestra.. just experience it at churhcgate stn
- Prasanna Ghaisas

Very calming. Feels good at the railway station
- Anisha Modi

A great effort and congratulations to all those who worked to make it happen.
- Sidharth Bhatia

Just read about this! brilliant work you doing out there :)
just made me smile. Thank You!
hope to catch the next one at churchgate

- Anuja Sanghavi

Good job, not seen this in Mumbai before. Keep it up. Very happy.
- Prameela Monteiro

Refreshing to see Pratyul Joshi perform at Churchgate station yesterday evening. Kudos to NSPA for such a bold endeavour!
- Jaisinh Gaikwad

My first ever seen live street performance with great message.
- Sanjay Singh

Can be more interactive. Otherwise very innovative !!!
- Linto Joseph

Accidently bumped into Nitesh's performance this morning at borivali stn. Great going. Keep it up.
- Amit More

Its a brilliant initiative! :) Will share and spread the word : :)
- Abhishek Thakore

borivali station performance was too good...  Keep up the good work 
- Hrishikesh Poduval

The purpose of art is not only to amuse the people but to enlighten the hearts of the people, to seek good and to transfrom the ordinary life for someting extraordinary and to help people to live in a better society.
- (Kirtankar) Deepak Jawane

Wow, what a fabulous initiative. Let's come out on the streets and support them
- Suruchi Aulakh

Saw a beautiful folk set by Ellie and Zack at Churchgate stn. :)
- @Bombay_Rat on twitter

Great performance by pratyul joshi and rahul bakshi at borivali station today simply kept me grooving loved it guys hats off to u all. Pratyul your banzara song is beautiful kept me humming.
- Jignesh Gor

listened to some great bhajans at borivali station PF no. 1
- @Sandeepmz

Amazing initiative.. all my blessings with u'll .. Prosper
- Selina

I loved d performance of pratyul joshi and rahul bakshi at borivali station on 25th april.
- Chintan Joshi

Liked the new concept of taking the music to mass n encouraging the artist. I am out of Bombay but would love to see the next event. All the best
- Vimal Rachna

Very nice. Sound system should be allowed.
- Sanjay Naranje

Awesome job!! Best of luck for your initiative
- Kunal Vishe

Excellent system. Real good work at no profit.
- P.S. Mahajan

Pratyul Joshi, All the best. You have a promising career ahead. As for the initiative, thumbs up. Suggestion: You can conduct street plays on general awareness. Am sure people will watch just like this!
- Radhika Shetty

Its a great message forwarded to people through the six strings. Great !!
- Jignesh Patel

Bandra station se jo gaana suna. Uske kuch achchi baatein aur ek achchi samajh mili hai. Jisise mujhe fayda ho, saare kaam achche tarah se karta hun aur sabhi ko achcha se achcha kaam kar pata hun !!
- Santosh

Truly excellent initiative....... The performances are enthralling and force you to stop in your daily rush and take a breath of music ... Keep up the good work
- Amit Si

- Shaun Williams


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