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Merry Christmas!

Date : 21 December 2018

Christmas is finally here, and 'tis the season to be jolly! On behalf of our entire team we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Looking Back

Date : 8 December 2018

December is one of our favorite months. Not only is it a great month for parties and holidaying, it's also a wonderful time for introspection and looking back over the memories, hardships, and victories of the past year. A month spent not only being grateful for all we've gotten over the year, but to plan and hope for the coming one as well.

Happy Diwali!

Date : 3 November 2018

QTube Cafe, an initiative by Quantum AMC, powered by NSPA, is one of Mumbai's most unique cafes. It’s a space for you to write, meet, meditate, and use as your own. But that's not all! It also allows you to explore the works of talented artists in the city, every day!

Immerse Yourself in Art

Date : 27 October 2018

Whether in travel, books or magazines, or even in music, art has the ability to take you on a journey. Sometimes that journey is to a land far away. And sometimes, it leads to introspection, and the journey ends up being one of self discovery.

Art is Everywhere!

Date : 20 October 2018

No matter where you go, whether you are in your hometown, or are travelling to another country, history is marked on our landscapes through old architecture, places of worship, old caves and caverns, and in the music and poems that have been passed down generations. Art, in all its many forms, plays an integral part both in marking the progress of a land and its people, as well as telling its tales, its joys and sorrows. So whether you look for them in cave paintings, or in the old stories your grandmother told you, or the songs your community sings at weddings, you'll see it everywhere. You just need to look.

Animals Make Our Worlds a Better Place

Date : 13 October 2018

Whether a pet at home, a stray dog that accompanies you to the bus stop every morning, or even the birds that start your day with their lovely singing, animals truly do make the world a better place. And those of us who interact lovingly with them will all attest, they make us better people by being in our lives.

Take a breath, you got this...

Date : 6 October 2018

Whether you're looking for happiness or inspiration, you often don't need to look further than within yourself. But we agree, sometimes it gets hard to keep that in mind. For those tough days, you have us to remind you to take a step back and smile.

Read a book!

Date : 29 September 2018

September saw both Read A Book Day as well as World Literacy Day, and as such, we end the month with our last set of genre based listing of great authors. If your favorite genre got missed, write to us, and we'll put up a post just for you. Till then, happy reading!

Have A Musical Week!

Date : 22 September 2018

Whether you immerse yourself in music, or books, an escape is necessary to recharge those batteries. But whatever your choice of break, make sure to soak it in and enjoy without letting your worries and troubles cloud it.

Happiness is calling!

Date : 15 September 2018

Be happy, and a reason will come along.” It’s not always easy to be happy all the time, but guess what? That’s ok. Sometimes just pretending is enough to trick your mind to actually believing it. And once you’ve mastered the art of believing that you are happy, you actually become it. Happiness is not so much a goal to have, but rather a state of mind that you need to create for yourself. So go on then, get creating!

De-stress with Fiction

Date : 8 September 2018

Whether through music or books, or even movies, fiction is a great way to de-stress and find your inner calm again.

I want to break free!

Date : 1 September 2018

Sometimes you just need to break away from your regular routine to be able to come back to it with a more positive outlook and bounce in your step. So take some time to recharge, and watch how it transforms your life.

The more you create, the more you grow!

Date : 25 August 2018

This week vow to create something of your own, and watch as you open up your world to a new set of possibilities! Trust us, there is no joy greater than watching something from deep inside of you take a physical form, whether on canvas, paper, or a recording.

Read a great book this week!

Date : 18 August 2018

Books are the easiest way to travel, see the world, have new experiences, all while never leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. These authors are the best at making you experience...

Reaching for Newer Heights

Date : 9 August 2018

The weather! No seriously, the weather! Isn’t it just the most beautiful thing at this time of year? Oh, wait. You don’t agree? It’s mucky, makes you sweaty, it’s horrible to travel in, especially to go to work, and the number of shoes you’ve ruined is heartbreaking?

Scale new heights

Date : 2 August 2018

Thanks to the hectic nature of our days, we hardly get time to treat ourselves to entertainment. At the most, we’ll probably find time to watch a serial or two on Netflix, or catch our favourite comedian’s stand up piece on YouTube. But, where or where is the time for art, right?

Hakuna Matata

Date : 28 July 2018

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
Great advice, but probably not so practical in day to day living. Because like it or not, we all have tough days, where it seems everything that could possibly go wrong.

Add some color to that week of yours!

Date : 21 July 2018

When you think of the word color, what comes to mind? Do you see a big random blotch of red? Or blue, or green? Are you limited to viewing the world in just the primary and secondary colors, or have you expanded your view to include shades and variations of those very colors?

Look up for that rainbow!

Date : 14 July 2018

India is a land known for its rich and diverse culture, and its dance forms are known internationally for their graceful movements and elegant body poses. The art of storytelling that is intertwined amongst these dances is something that adds to their allure.

Stand out from the crowd!

Date : 7 July 2018

No matter who you are, or where you are, you definitely have people in your life. Whether it’s family or friends, colleagues or classmates, people play an essential role in your day-to-day living. And with people, of course, come the celebrations.

Smile your way through this week!

Date : 30 June 2018

Thich Nhat Hanh once said “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”Every day can’t possibly be a great one. We all face our troubles, our low points, and our failures. After all, without our lows, why would we celebrate our highs?

Last week of June!

Date : 23 June 2018

Another weekend is here, and since we had something special for creative folk last week, this weekend we’re bringing a list of Netflix programs for the music addicts out there. (Yes, yes, we haven’t forgotten you). So without further ado, let’s get listing.

Find Your Inner Artist

Date : 16 June 2018

Feel like starting the week off with a bit of musical creativity? We’ve got a cool Do-It-Yourself project that you can take on, and the best thing is that you don’t need to go shopping for supplies, nor does it take too much of time to make

Here's to a stress-free week!

Date : 9 June 2018

The rains have made the way into the city, bringing a fresh and lovely break from the constant heat of summer. And if you’re one to take delight in each drop, if you breathe in the cool, fresh air and feel nothing but calm...

Have An Arty Weekend

Date : 10 Mar 2018

If you love quirky illustrations, this is the account to follow. Not only does the artist create cute illustrations, she also animates them by using the stop-motion technique. These videos are quite brilliant and one often wonders how she manages to create them!

Have a Creative Sunday

Date : 24 Feb 2018

It’s pouring cats and dogs outside your window and all you wan’t to do is curl up indoors, sip something warm and enjoy a good movie/book or some good music. While you might have your own preferences when it comes to the first two, you could always use a few good suggestions when it comes to the latter.

Make Sunday A Fun Day!

Date : 17 Feb 2018

How do we kick-start our brain cells into action again? The answer is quite simple; by replacing these unproductive free time activities with more productive ones. Here are some productive things you could do in your spare time:

An Arty Dialogue

Date : 10 Feb 2018

The late 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed the mushrooming and flourishing of some remarkable art movements. These movements have influenced artists over the years and continue to do so till this day.

Have A Happy, He-art-y Weekend

Date : 3 Feb 2018

Plain walls can be quite boring to look at. Eager to decorate them with interesting wall art? Here are a couple of ideas for wall art pieces you can create yourself. Get ready to spice up your interiors and sharpen those designing skills!

Have an Arty Weekend!

Date : 27 Jan 2018

You’re probably already aware of this unique café that has popped up on S.V. Road – a café that offers you the delights of a coffee shop and the creativity of a thriving culture zone. But, for those who aren’t exactly lovers of either coffee or culture, what are they to do here?

A Sunday Art-a-zine

Date : 20 Jan 2018

While most of us like to think that we’re too busy to have spare time, in reality, this belief is neither accurate nor honest. We do enjoy a significant amount of free time every day, but most of us choose to squander it on WhatsApp or staring at our Facebook feeds.

Arty Musings

Date : 13 Jan 2018

Even the most enterprising and innovative creator can experience a burnout. This happens because being creative day in and day out can be exhausting. At some point, our creative juices begin to ebb and we stop experiencing those Eureka moments.

Sunday Funday

Date : 06 Jan 2018

It’s important to have a hobby, especially in our fast-paced, social-media obsessed worlds so that our mind gets a chance to create instead of passively absorbing all that it’s bombarded with. Not only does a hobby stimulate creativity, it also improves mood and confidence.

The Art of Listening! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 30 Dec 2017

Who can forget Avril Lavigne’s pretty in pink and black punk style that appealed to countless rebellious teenagers. If one wasn’t gushing about her style, one was certainly gushing about her songs, especially if a breakup was on the cards.

Art On the Mind, All the Time

Date : 23 Dec 2017

It’s not hard to become a ‘photographer’ in today’s world. DSLRs have become affordable, and consequently, ubiquitous. If you can’t afford one, there are phones you can invest in. Armed with high-performance cameras, mobile phones are helping photography enthusiasts capture DSLR-grade images quickly, easily and frequently.

The stories we tell!

Date : 16 Dec 2017

Fountains are these mesmerizing, watery wonders that can make your worst days seem better. If you’re having a terrible day, trace your way to a nearby fountain and plonk down next to it. The soothing sound of gushing water and the occasional spray of cool mist will automatically alleviate your mood.

Have An Artsy Weekend!

Date : 09 Dec 2017

Many of us shy away from stepping into art galleries because we feel ill-equipped to critique, or even talk about artworks. How do I describe this weird painting hanging on the wall? How am I supposed to feel about it?

NSPA Celebrates Women’s Day in a Grand Way - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 10 March 2016

Another week has gone by and it was such a wonderful one! Wonderful because, firstly, we released a new podcast this Women’s Day. It’s an original song, written and composed by NSPA artist Suresh Kala. The video was well received and we received many pats on our back for the video

Awards, Performances and More - NSP Jukebox

Date : 3 March 2016

We're back with a bang, and this week too, our newsletter is full of fresh updates to get you acquainted with all that's happening in the art world. First things first, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar! Yay! Also, Chris Rock delivered one of the most memorable opening monologues in Oscar history

Celebrating Folk Music - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 25 Feb 2016

Your weekly arts newsletter is here to bring you up to speed with all the coolest happenings in the art world, and to tell you all about the cool stuff happening right here, at the NSPA. First things first, our Kala Ghoda videos are out and ready to be viewed. We’ll be sharing them with you here,

Invalid ID – A Short Film by NSPA - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 18 Feb 2016

We hope the week has been kind to you, for it surely was to us. This Monday, we performed on stage at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and the whole team and our artists were ecstatic! We put up a medley of folk songs from various folk genres, like Goan folk, Uttarakhandi folk, Rajasthani, Punjabi and Marathi folk!

NSPA’s Valentine’s Day Surprise - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 11 Feb 2016

Another important announcement - Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as always, the NSPA has a surprise in store for you. The team and our artists have been working really hard to create a wonderful short film with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Get ready to do the Chicken Dance - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 4 Feb 2016

We hope the last week has been kind to you. We’ve had a wonderful week especially because the long-awaited Coldplay video finally released. Have you seen it yet? If you haven’t, well you must! There’s been so much talk about the portrayal of India in the video. While some aren’t too happy

Sun, Sand and Music! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 28 Jan 2016

We hope you’ve had a good week, at least we did, what with all the wonderful parades and celebrations to marvel at on Republic Day! We also put up NSPA performances in Pushpa Narsee Park and Dadar, and our artists were filled with pride as they belted out one patriotic

Express to Impress Be Imprisoned - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 21 Jan 2016

The last two weeks have been quite difficult for music lovers, for it brought the news of the demise of two phenomenal musicians, the first being David Bowie and the next, Glen Frey. If you’re wondering who Glen Frey is, he was the Founder and guitarist of the hit 70’s rock band

Your Weekly Musical Treat! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 29 October 2015

Another week has gone by and we hope it has been a good one for you. The marked change in temperature comes as a welcome relief and after a month of harrowing heat, it seems like the winter chills are close at hand!

Mythology and Music – Happy Dussehra! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 22 October 2015

Today is a day of much significance for us, for we celebrate – ‘Vijayadashami’ or the festival of Dussehra. As we busy ourselves in revelry, let’s also set some time aside to consciously ponder over the significance of this festival.

The Art of Listening! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 17 October 2015

Art is always believed to have a higher, nobler purpose and artists are respected because it is through their work that this purpose is conveyed. Powerful songs have stopped wars, a risque fashion has opened mindsets, evocative photographs

Gift a Smile! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 9 October 2015

Another week has rolled by and it's been quite an awesome one for us! To begin with, we had a splendid guest performance by Eric Morrissey, a Fairfield University grad who's in India to talk to students about college life in the US and rip away the

A week of Surprises and Disappointments! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 6 August 2015

It has been quite a week for us all. First, we were hit with the sad news of the demise of one of the most respected and loved president's of all time. Then, the controversial hanging of a criminal happened and that, while it left many applauding the judiciary system

Nothing Like some Classic Rock on a Rainy Day - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 2 August 2015

We are back with our weekly dose of NSPA news. This week has been an eventful one, especially because of our performances at the airport. Yes, we were invited to put up two days of performances at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Making Mumbai a Musical City! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 24 July 2015

It's time for us to share with y'all the latest goings-on in the NSPA. We've had a steady stream of activities take place and this has kept our artists and team members relatively busy. From performing at Mumbai Metro stations, to malls to conducting art literacy sessions

Your Must Watch, Must Listen List for this Week! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 17 July 2015

At the NSPA, all's well. Our artists, with their trademark T-shirts and sunny smiles have been putting up regular performances at all our venues. From malls, to metro stations to city parks, the NSPA is spreading love and art everywhere!

Rain, rain, Come Again! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 8 July 2015

At the NSPA, things are going smoothly. Unlike the monsoons, there hasn't been a break in our performances. In fact, thanks to the increase in the number of Metro stations we perform at, and the addition of a couple of other venues

Monsoon Mayhem, Melodies and More! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 30 June 2015

At NSPA, we've had a damp week too for some of our performances had to be canceled due to the rains. However, we did get a great opportunity on the 20th of June, to perform at the Alliance Francaise Auditorium

Misal Pav - A cultural mash-up you can't resist! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 28 May 2015

This weekend is going to be an awesome one, for the NSPA has a surprise in store for you! Presenting 'Misal Pav - Music. Dance. Theater.' a cultural fest that will delight all you performing arts

Do You Know What is Freestyle Guitaring - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 25 May 2015

At NSPA, it's been a fun week. The entire team and all our artists have busied themselves in preparing for a show that will prove to be a treat for those who love music, dance and drama.

Let's Unite to Support Art! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 17 May 2015

Our newsfeeds were stormed with a barrage of news snippets this week, and views regarding the Salman verdict took up a major chunk of space and attention. Then, Mother's Day happened and our walls were covered

Combined efforts towards a Common Cause - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 10 May 2015

Tushar Maithani, an NSPA artist, came up with the wonderful idea of documenting the thoughts of the children he teaches in a 'Teach for India' school. Their insights, fears and aspirations lead to the creation of the moving video, 'Gudiya Rani,' which was created in collaboration with the NSPA

Central Railway stations, here we come! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 26 Apr 2015

Another wonderful, musical week has gone by and we must say, it's been a great week! Of course, the sweltering summer heat is bothering us as much as it is bothering every Mumbaikar, but the happy happenings at NSPA have helped put a spring

Register For Summer Internship! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 19 Apr 2015

Another humid, sweaty week has gone by and we continue to march on into the sweltering months of summer. Taking you through the interesting happenings last week, first there was the eye opening 'Save the Internet' video. A brilliant attempt

Spreading knowledge and happiness! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 12 Apr 2015

The previous weekend was a wonderful one as most of us got a good three-day break from work. While many chose to indulge in a short, relaxing getaway, there were also those who chose to stay back in the city and enjoy all that this bustling

NSPA goes to Goa! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 02 Apr 2015

Last week was a good one, peppered with many successes and without further ado, here's shifting the spotlight on our first major one - the Goa launch. Yes, on the 28th of March, NSPA launched its street performance initiative in Goa. After months of planning

NSPA @ Marico Evenings! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 29 Mar 2015

We have a special newsletter for you this week, NSPA had quite an amazing gig last Sunday featuring only our Artists at the Carter Road Amphitheater as part of Marico Evenings. A Huge crowd pulsating with energy and out of this world music

Oscar Glory with the NSPA - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 13 Mar 2015

Writing this from a warm room eating pakodas and drinking chai in the most unexpected weather phenomena of all time! It's raining this weekend in Mumbai and life feels like bliss

Christmas carols, children's tunes and capoeira! - The NSPA Jukebox

Date : 06 Dec 2014

Everybody's begun putting up their Christmas trees and fairy lights - and we at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) can't wait for the festivities to begin either, for the sound of Christmas carols..

What does the word 'busking' mean? - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 29 Nov 2014

We, at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) - an organisation attempting to bring a re-imagined culture of busking to India - realized that we've never quite explained what "busking" really entails. The word "busker" - a figure popularly known as a street performer...

Welcome to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 20 Nov 2014

Poet Derek Walcott's words - from the last lines of Love After Love - ask readers to sit back and "feast on their lives". There really is so much to feast on, isn't there?!..

How long is it since you were really bothered? - The NSPA Jukebox

Date : 14 Nov 2014

We at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) often lament at how few spaces in Mumbai are created to encourage talented amateur performers like the ones we give a platform to.

Winter really is coming! - NSPA Jukebox

Date : 08 Nov 2014

These winter months really know how to stir things up - even in a city like Mumbai, which is seldom left un-charged and un-galvanized! We're going to be bombarded by theatre and music festivals, bazaars, flea markets, dance ..

NSPA Jukebox: We're auditioning - tomorrow!

Date : 31 Oct 2014

It's time for you to take the stage - in our case, the streets! - by storm once more, because the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) is recruiting musicians, dance troupes..

A reason - other than the festival of Diwali - to celebrate!

Date : 24 Oct 2014

We've been running around Mumbai tending to our street performances, and the festive mood has gripped us too - on our way back from our Tuesday and Friday evening Carter Road..

FAQs about the NSPA

Date : 17 Oct 2014

The NSPA get all sorts of reactions to its musical performances across the city. What is the National Streets for Performing Arts? What is the point of democratizing access to music in Mumbai,

Winter is coming!

Date : 11 Oct 2014

When it comes to memorable musical accompanists, the poet John Keats relied his famed poetic nightingale and the immortal composer Mozart on his pet starling - and we

Shor in the city - along with some sur and sargams!

Date : 1 Oct 2014

Vibrant. Orange. Earthy. Vivacious. Burnt yellow. Fiery red. Golden. Enchanting. If we were elsewhere in the world, this collection of words could all point to the sunset-kissed season of autumn.

Galliyon ka ik alag nazariya - A different perspective of the streets!

Date : 26 Sep 2014

Sometimes, it takes a fresh pair of eyes to help us discover the vitality in our seemingly humdrum lives, a blank slate to absorb everything we take for granted.

The Quick Fix : How to Get Rid of Earworms!

Date : 19 Sep 2014

We, at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA), are rather fascinated by Ohrwurmer - a German word that translates as "earworm".

Who needs a muse?

Date : 12 Sep 2014

Once upon a time, poets and performers believed that nine Greek Goddesses - collectively called the Nine Muses - represented the arts and sciences.

53 young flute players are born!

Date : 30 Aug 2014

What do you get when you cross one of Kala Ghoda's flute makers with a classroom of 10 - 13 year old enthusiastic pranksters?

The stories we tell!

Date : 22 Aug 2014

Travelling musicians can never really predict the audiences they will be playing for

With a warm hello from your resident "music makers"!

Date : 15 Aug 2014

For some of us, this time of year brings forth many farewells, and we bid adieu to those going away to gain further

"But no matter, the road is life."

Date : 8 Aug 2014

Battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.

As ever, the National Streets for Performing Arts provides a background track to your rainy days!

Date : 1 Aug 2014

We at the NSPA have a bone to pick with the Irish lad, having been taken on a riotous journey by many so called "amateurs"

The NSPA invites you to enjoy baarish ka mausam with its "dangerous stages"!

Date : 26 Jul 2014

A silent, interested gentleman enjoying our newly recruited Rajasthani and Punjabi folk artists turned to us and said, "Yeh toh sabse khatarnak stage hai!"

The NSPA's monsoon playlist continues - for there's no raining on our parade!

Date : 18 Jul 2014

There is this delightful moment in the 1960 classic Mughal-e-Azam, after the iconic number "Teri Mehfil Mein Kismat Azmakar"

Presenting our monsoon playlist - live from Mumbai's streets!

Date : 11 Jul 2014

"The hills are alive with the sound of music!" These are the words that Julie Andrews joyously trilled in the beloved 1965 musical

Your daily escape with NSPA

Date : 5 Jul 2014

Pause for a second and visualize your daily routine. You wake up, have a quiet breakfast and then set off to work, catching

Hit Play for LIVE street music all through the week

Date : 28 Jun 2014

It's been a difficult past few weeks; train fares are up, the monsoon muck is in, traffic is bad, tempers are high and the average


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