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Rain, rain, Come Again!

Most of us are experiencing first hand the capriciousness of our Mumbai monsoons. After almost wrecking havoc a couple of days back, the rain clouds have decided to pull a vanishing act. We now have our umbrellas and rain gear neatly stacked away in our closets, and trudge on in the humid heat! Well, all we can do is hope that the miffed monsoons decide to forgive us and make a comeback!

At the NSPA, things are going smoothly. Unlike the monsoons, there hasn't been a break in our performances. In fact, thanks to the increase in the number of Metro stations we perform at, and the addition of a couple of other venues like Infinity Mall, Malad and the CPRA Greens Garden, Cuffe Parade, we've actually seen a spike in performance hours! So, tirelessly and as enthusiastically as ever, our artists go about doing what they do best, entertaining people with their talents and spreading art and smiles in the city. NSPA at Mumbai Metro

Here are a couple of videos from last week's performances

Folk Rhythms Ring through the Metro

Achchhai Pandey & K.K. Singh entertain Metro commuters with their melodious Uttarbharatiya folk performances.

A Touch of Virodhi Tunes

Virodhi Geet is known for its powerful lyrics and themes. Watch Vipul and Sushant deliver one such performance at a Mumbai Metro station.

Well folks, that's all for this week. We'll be back next week with more news and videos. Till then, keep smiling and keep singing!

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